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VEGventures SOUR

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Sour version

Product description

From the same author that wrote the Vegan Artbooks, we now bring you the new VEGventures collection! The first book, SOUR, is full of fun Chibi inspired cartoons that demonstrate the illogical argumentation people use to maintain the status quo regarding the consumption and use of animal products. The author responds with beautiful illustrations which touch upon ethics, human psychology, and unquestionable facts. Among the many topics that are covered, there is one particularly important idea that reoccurs: that the false sense of superiority is the root of all oppression.

Title: VEGventures SOUR
Author/Artist: Kishna
Number of pages: 180 (FULL-COLOUR)
Type: Artbook
Language: English
Size: A5, hardcover
For ages: 12+
Published: End december 2016

Not recommended for children. For child-friendly books, please get Vegan Artbook MILD here or wait for VEGventures SWEET.