This page contains art and comics about veganism, ethics, the environment, food, peace, love and animals. Watch the project online or support the artist by getting a copy of the book! All environmentally friendly!

Pupa Vegan RED - I love animals

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Product description

Are you a vegan who struggles with unsupportive friends and family members? Or are you an openminded non-vegan who wants to learn about veganism? Then this book is for you! Its short, simple comics are backed up by scientific research, and hundreds of peer-reviewed studies. This book will address objections frequently presented to vegans, and revel how they are flawed. This will save you a lot of time when learning about veganism, and save you from having to constantly repeat yourself to people who ask questions like:

  • Where do vegans get their B12?
  • Won’t it take more land to feed all humans on plants?
  • Can you be vegan if you have allergies?
  • We don’t kill animals for milk, right?
  • What about honey?
  • Isn't eating fish better?
  • What about humane slaughter?
  • Isn’t it all just vegan propaganda?
100% of the profit from this book will go to Pupa’s non-profit animal sanctuary for abandoned, rescued and neglected animals.

Title: Pupa Vegan RED.
Vol: 1
Number of pages: 100 (full-colour).
Size: A5.
Type: Educational/humour.
Finish: Hardcover
Published by: PUPA (first print).
Packing: Cute vegan gift-wrap paper.
Published: Pre-order. Expected release date: January 2018.