This page contains art and comics about veganism, ethics, the environment, food, peace, love and animals. Watch the project online or support the artist by getting a copy of the book! All environmentally friendly!

What is vegan artbook about?

The books in the Vegan Artbook series contain over 200 pages of colourful artwork and comics each, focused on veganism, ethics, the environment, food, peace, love and animals. Aside from spreading cuteness, the books also raises awareness and show people how they can make healthier and more ethical choices in their daily lives.

These unique books are therefore the perfect gift for vegans and vegetarians or people who are interested in this ethical life philosophy. Because of the colourful cartoonish art style, the books especially aim at people who are visually oriented and young people such as teenagers (who often don’t like to read a lot of text) and it teach our future generations how to make the world a better place.



"Live and let live!"

A confident American lady who has been vegan ever since she was little.



"Where do you get your protein?"

Bries' brother and also a hardcore carnist who hates vegans and loves bacon.



"Yeah, but what about plants?"

A happy, cheerful girl and one of Bries' childhood friends.



"Compassion should not know a species barrier."

A charming, caring young lady who loves animals and became vegan shortly after she met Brie. She still has a lot to learn about veganism, but she is well on her way.



"Your beliefs don't make you a better person; your actions do!"

Legua's cousin and a vegan bodybuilder who has been raised vegan by his parents.



"Are you stupid or something?"

A friend of Brie and Legua and a big fan of Sanc, the animal liberator.